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The next revolution in mobile technology looks set to be led by China.


5G, the fifth generation of mobile network, doesn’t yet exist but aims to provide faster data speeds and more bandwidth to carry ever-growing levels of web traffic.


Analysts at CCS Insight predict the technology will be in place by 2020 and said in a report Wednesday that there will be more than one billion users of 5G by 2023, with more than half based in China.

英国移动咨询公司CCS Insight分析师预测5G技术会在2020年之前就位,他们还在星期三的一份报告中表示到2023年将会有10亿5G用户,其中超过一半在中国。

“China will dominate 5G thanks to its political ambition to lead technology development, the inexorable rise of local manufacturer Huawei and the breakneck speed at which consumers have upgraded to 4G connections,” said Marina Koytcheva, VP Forecasting at CCS Insight.

CCS Insight预测副总裁玛丽娜说:“由于有主导技术发展的政治抱负、中国本土厂商华为势不可挡的成长和消费者升级到4G网络惊人速度,中国将会主导5G”

Source: CCS Insight Market Forecast: 5G Subscxtions Worldwide

来源:CCS Insight市场预测:世界5G用户量(十亿)

CCS Insight said 5G will take off faster than any other previous mobile technology with the United States, South Korea, and Japan all battling to launch the first commercial network.

CCS Insight表示5G的发展将会比之前任何其他的移动技术都快,之前的技术应用时,美国、韩国、日本都抢着要成为第一个商用网络。

Exact technology specifications for 5G have yet to be agreed internationally and there are still uncertainties about the technology. These include how and where network operators will deploy vast numbers of new base stations, the lack of clear business case for operators, and consumers’ willingness to upgrade their smartphones, CCS Insight said.

5G技术参数还没有得到国际一致认同,该技术仍然有一些不确定性。这些不确定性包括网络运营商如何以及在哪里部署大量的新基站,运营商缺乏清晰的商业案例,消费者升级的意愿也不明确,CCS Insight表示。

In Europe, market fragmentation, the availability of spectrum and the influence of regulators bring additional challenges.


But several technology firms are trying to show progress in the 5G. Chipset manufacturer, Qualcomm, claimed this week that it had demonstrated the first working 5G data connection on a mobile device.


The speed generated in the test would allow users to download data at around 1,000 Mbps. One estimate suggested this would allow users to download a 2 hour HD film in around 12 seconds.


Qualcomm said the demonstration used their Snapdragon X50 NR modem chipset over a 28GHz millimetre wave spectrum band.

高通表示,展示所使用的是他们的骁龙X50 NR型调制调解芯片,拥有超过28GHz毫米光谱波段。

The 28 GHz millimetre wave spectrum band has been described as problematic because the radio signal at this frequency reportedly deteriorates if data is transmitted over more than a few kilometres.


The technology could also be important for technologies like driverless cars.



Serious question, what are the differences between 4g and 5g? And what’s does G stand for?


G stands for Generation. 5 G is supposed to provide much higher data rates and number of connected devices compared to 4 G. 10 Gigabits per second max data rate instead of 1, less than 1 ms latency compared to 70 ms, and 20 times the number of simultaneously connected users from a hundred or so to more than a thousand.


That’s pretty good for China, I’m still waiting for decent 4G coverage in the UK


I’m still waiting for 3G in my part of the UK. Countryside villages (despite a decent population and new housing being built here) have been getting screwed over massively and people so often turn a blind eye to it. I’ve


ed between providers and none offer me more than 2 bars of E in one elevated spot in the village.

EDIT: Autocorrct almost screwed me over as much as a number of services providers have.



And here I thought only my country had that bad coverage


It’s corporate greed. The US is suppose to have Nationwide fiber optics, but the ISPs took all the money and pocketed it instead of doing anything.


They didn’t just pocket it. They used it to hire lobbyists to fight net neutrality so they can charge us more for doing nothing. Rather than take the capitalistic approach of making the service better to attract customers, they just want people to have less shitty options that cost more. Lobbyism is playing a major part in stagnating innovation since it’s just a more efficient use of money to lobby for favorable legislation than to actually improve the good or service.


I get unlimited 4g with a hotspot from 4gcommunuty.org for about $16 a month


Don’t know where you’re at, but I’ve lived in LA, Denver, Austin, and Houston and I’ve got internet for at least 100 mbps for about $40 a month.


I am waiting for some good coverage for LTE for Canada.


I’m waiting for decent 3G in most of the UK, coverage is very inconsistent across all networks. Unless you’re in London of course, because only important people live there…


Whats the point of high speed internet when there are data caps?


Not sure about where you live, but I know here in the US all 4 major carriers have unlimited options now. I used around 55Gb last month!


I used to have T-Mobile One Plus or whatever that allowed 4G tethering. I used 500Gb of data in one month. The slowest speed I ever saw was 20Mb/s. I was in a pretty rural area where I’m suspecting there wasn’t many T-Mobile customers, but I was pretty damn happy with this service while I needed it.


Motherfucker, we barely have 3G here in Greece, and they talk about 5G…


In China…lucky to get reliable 4G, and then there is that whole other thing with Chinese Internet.


Where I live in Dalian, you can get 4G pretty much everywhere… Have yet to see 5G though.


In Wuhan 4G is everywhere but 3G in America is faster.


I don’t find that to be the case here in Dalian. Webpages load instantly, people play Hearthstone and other online games on the bus without a hitch, big images can be sent through wechat almost instantly. Not sure what else you could want in terms of speed.

Unlimited data plans would be nice, though. I’ve found my data plan to be more and more lacking the more time goes on.




He/she might be checking pages outside of China, which would be excruciatingly slow due to the Great Firewall.


Back over 10 years ago I got great 3G reception even in the parts of the Great Wall that tourists don’t go. I got 3G when I went hiking to the top of a mountain where there was nothing around except for small towns and temples. If I were to go to similar places in Canada there would be NO reception.

lol in Canada you are liable to lose connection if you drive even 1 hour away from cities.



My girlfriend was getting 4G in zhangjiajie using t-mobile. She was getting 4G on a moving train in China. I have no idea what you are talking about.


4g even on highway and subway in Beijing and Shenzhen. Much better than San Francisco



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