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Scientists in developing nations plan to step up research into dimming sunshine to curb climate change hoping to judge if a man-made chemical sunshade would be less risky than a harmful rise in global temperatures.


Research into ‘solar geo-engineering’ which would mimic big volcanic eruptions that can cool the Earth by masking the sun with a veil of ash is now dominated by rich nations and universities such as Harvard and Oxford.


Twelve scholars from countries including Bangladesh Brazil China Ethiopia India Jamaica and Thailand wrote in the journal Nature on Wednesday that the poor were most vulnerable to global warming and should be more involved.


‘Developing countries must lead on solar geo-engineering research’ they wrote in a commentary.


‘The overall idea (of solar geo-engineering) is pretty crazy but it is gradually taking root in the world of research’ lead author Atiq Rahman head of the Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies told Reuters by telephone.


The solar geo-engineering studies would be helped by a new $400000 fund from the Open Philanthropy Project a foundation backed by Dustin Moskovitz a co-founder of Facebook and his wife Cari Tuna they wrote.


The fund could help scientists in developing nations study regional impacts of solar geo-engineering such as on droughts floods or monsoons said Andy Parker a co-author and project director of the Solar Radiation Management Governance Initiative.


Rahman said the academics were not taking sides about whether geo-engineering would work.


Among proposed ideas planes might spray clouds of reflective sulphur particles high in the Earth’s atmosphere.


‘The technique is controversial and rightly so. It is too early to know what its effects would be: it could be very helpful or very harmful’ they wrote.


A U.N. panel of climate experts in a leaked draft of a report about global warming due for publication in October is sceptical about solar geo-engineering saying it may be ‘economically socially and institutionally infeasible.’


Among risks the draft obtained by Reuters says it might disrupt weather patterns could be hard to stop once started and might discourage countries from making a promised


from fossil fuels to cleaner energies.


Still Rahman said most developed nations had ‘abysmally failed’ so far in their pledges to cut greenhouse gas emissions making radical options to limit warming more attractive.


The world is set for a warming of three degrees Celsius (5.7 Fahrenheit) or more above pre-industrial times he said far above a goal of keeping a rise in temperatures ‘well below’ 2C (3.6F) under the 2015 Paris Agreement among almost 200 nations.



Global warming is the biggest scam in history……..


Deliberately dimming the sun using a man made chemical shield now that really would indisputably be man made climate change!


Yeah let’s spread more chemicals around the earth. That’ll help matters.


Insane. There has been no global warming for the last ten years per the raw un-adulterated data. Don’t worry as anyone who has reviewed the data from the Vostock Ice Cores knows cooling is coming our way very soon.


The global warming people are just observing one of a number of climatic cycles the earth has gone through over thousands of years and making 2+2 equal five.


Dim the sun !!! We haven had sun in the uk for 6 month it’s not global warming it’s global freezing


It’s not good to mess around with nature.


What lunatic hubris! If they were to actually do this when we’re already in a cooling trend and we then experience a series of volcanic eruptions we’d be looking at a serious ice age as well as a major backlash against science in general! An ice age AND a dark age… both man made.


This looks like a terrible idea adding more pollution to the atmosphere .


Don’t worry – as anyone with a brain who has looked at the temperature graphs from the Vostock Ice Cores knows cooling is coming to us all very soon.


A non-solution to a non-problem


Erm this is happening already. Planes spray chemicals that remain in the sky cause a haze and block the sun. Look up rather than down at your phones and you’ll see this.



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