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The radical plan to clear space debris by blasting it with a LASER GUN


· Scientists at the Air ForceEngineering University in Xi’an simulated the weapon

· Say it could zap large-sized space junkinto smaller pieces

· More than 100 million pieces oforbital debris measuring smaller than 0.4in

· 西安空军工程大学的科学家们模拟了这种武器。

· 据说它可以将大尺寸的太空垃圾分解成小块。

· 超过1亿颗的轨道碎片的直径小于0.4英寸。

It may sound like the stuff of science fiction but researchers in China haveput forward a bold proposal to take care of the debris surrounding Earth’sorbit using giant lasers.


A paper by scientists at the Air ForceEngineering University in Xi’an describes how space-based lasers could zaplarge-sized space junk into smaller pieces to make them potentially lessharmful.


Spacecraft and satellites are currently atrisk of colliding with around 20,000 trackable objects classed as debris.


These include old satellites and used rocket stages as well as fragments fromdisintegration, erosion, and collisions of man-made objects.


Nasa estimates there are more than 100million pieces of orbital debris measuring smaller than 0.4in (1cm) surroundingEarth.


The Chinese team conducted a simulation ofa laser station, concluding that it would be an effective method for clearingup Earth’s orbit.


According to them, the simulation ‘provides (the) necessary theoretical basisfor the deployment of (a) space-based laser station and the further applicationof space debris removal by using space-based laser’.


The team say ‘The velocity variation ofthe space debris ablating by the space-based laser station was analyzed, andthe orbit maneuver of the space debris irradiated by laser station was modeledand studied.


The high-speed debris orbiting the planetis being seen as a serious threat to future space missions.

In 2007, a Chinese satellite wasintentionally smashed to pieces in a test of anti-satellite technology.


A month later, a Russian rocket body exploded accidentally, littering the skieswith more than 1,000 additional bits of space junk.


Nicholas Johnson, the chief scientist forOrbital Debris, said at the time: ‘Any of these debris has the potential forseriously disrupting or terminating the mission of operational spacecraft inlow Earth orbit.

‘This satellite break-up represents themost prolific and serious fragmentation in the course of 50 years of spaceoperations.’


Meanwhile, Tiangong-1, China’s first spacestation, which is now defunct, is expected to crash down to Earth next month.


The research is published in the journalInternational Journal for Light and Electron Optics.



Or, it could be aweapon to destroy other nation’s satellites.


If a laser gun iscapable of clearing off all debris surrounding Earth, then it may also haveother special uses.


Very bad idea : at satellite speed, a smallobject with a mass of only 0.5 milligram (that’s 1/60000 ounce) has the sameimpact energy as a .357 Magnum bullet fired at close range. This laser shouldliterally blow the debris to dust to be of any help.



laser could be used to push it into theatmosphere if in high orbit.


True, also those particles will stay inorbit for a hundred years, even dust is dangerous


so there will be even more bits flyingaround at thousands of miles an hour around the globe


Yeah – that’s the ticket! Just let us put abig laser up there designed to blast big space stuff into little space stuff!Purely innocent, and of course we wouldn’t use it to do anybody any harm…


When looney are in control, it is importantnot to give them shiny new weapons.


They caused the biggest problem bypractising with exploding killer satellites years ago. So it only fair thatthey clean up their old mess.


nice joke, no one can see the debrisfloating with a telescope, and ISS, spacewalker dont have problems these debriscan hit them. Hubble telescope is floating for 30 years without being hit


Please explain how you propose that achunk of debris say 50mm long could be seen with an Earth based telescope. Justbecause you are ignorant doesnt mean things don’t happen


The sun has a direct influence on theEarth’s weather.The moon plays a part in the Earth;s tides.I do not understandall the scientific details but all that debris orbiting our planet must have anegative effect on the part the sun and moon should play on Earth.The debrisfrom the 1950’s compared to today is astronomical.


This is a cover up, just to stop the publicseeing/ hearing the aliens!


China cares about cleaning up space? Theydon¿t care about cleaning up China. This is a space weapon in sheeps clothing.


So they want to build a spaceship to go toMars, the want to build automatic robots, they are thick as they come, use allthe space junk to make the spaceship, save sending up rockets, use robots tocollect the junk, and move it out of Earth’s rotation, so it does not getpulled back in, then get it all in one place, preferably in direct sunlight sothe robots can recharge via solar power, then get them to take it all apart,and separating it in to different metals, components, once that is done, getthem to make a smelting works, and start supplying them with fuel and oxygen tomelt all the metal and shape it, and so on, why on Earth would you waste allthat metal, then send up more, grow some brains.


Don’t be ridiculous.


I don’t see why we can’t deploy a satellitein space with a large plate on the front angled towards Earth. Let space debrishit the plate and be deflected towards Earth and burn up in the atmosphere.



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